About me

   “Everything you can imagine is real.” ― Pablo Picasso


 Dear visitor,

Please have a look around at my creative work and services which are for sale, for any commissions, freelance work or just to say hi. 🙂 My goal is to give something special for people, something that can open their eyes in a life immersed in art.

My name is Zsofia ( Sophia) Matrai, I’m a fashion designer and illustrator student with a Bachelor in Fashion Design; Sydney, Australia. I come from Hungary where I received qualifications as a Textile Designer in a course which I studied for 5 years in Budapest. Currently I am seeking more fashion design work, art teaching and freelance illustration on the side. My design is a blend of both hand drawn and digital elements, mixed with vibrant textures and warm feminine tones with finishing touches in CAD.

I have an interest in fashion design, publication, illustration and textiles.

Services I can provide:

Illustration (Drawing/ Painting)
Branding & Packaging
Pattern making & Constructing
Publication design, logo
CAD Print Design

I love drawing, painting, singing, playing guitar,  photography, modelling, writing novels, wall painting, face painting, textile design, going to museums and exhibitions and everything related to ART.

I’m interested in unique life style combinations and earthly living habits. The way people express their emotions of love and enmity and struggles in different ways, as the nature of the human condition and the influence of art. The smell of paint, a photos realistic representation of the thread of contact with the material design, the magic and personality creation…. I love the smell of flowers in the morning, sunsets on the ocean beach. When I’m sitting in the sunset behind the Harbour Bridge and the sun disappears. The lamb clouds in the development of open spring fields and the mildew smell, what gems appear in time to air out.

I enjoy singing, playing guitar and live Jazz and Funk concerts. Reminders of my past band which I lived music through.

“Everything you can imagine is real.” ― Pablo Picasso

Dreams are there for reasons! 🙂

Reference feedbacks for one of my Traveler Bag designs at MIMCO :

Designer: Zsofia Matrai, NSW
Very MIMCO! It’s functional, clever and I love the name.”
Sarah, Managing Director, MIMCO
“This would be a great travel bag. It’s simple, elegant and really functional. I’d be more than proud to have this as my carry-on.”
Karen, Head of Strategy & Development, Whitehouse
Institute of Design
“Undeniably MIMCO, this weekender has well thought out compartments and it would be the first MIMCO travel bag with wheels.”
Ailsa, Head of Design, MIMCO

Please don’t hesitate to contact me,
Zsofia Matrai

                                          OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


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