“Vector” Swimwear Group Project

“Vector “

During the second year of my studies at FDS (Ultimo TAFE, Sydney) our main project during the year (2016) was about creating a swimwear range that includes swimwear and stretchy outer wear looks which incorporate the city and modern vibe of a chosen period or culture. We had been separated into groups, where my team mates were Alexandra Briscoe, Jane Chen and Rebecca Beard. So… we started to create the range.

Design Concept:

The interaction between people and their environment. ‘Because most people on the planet live in town and cities, the majority of our daily interactions with nature take place in urban environment, and this has led to a recent upsurge of interest in the dynamics of these relationships (Bradshaw& Bekoff 2006). Despite the manifest impoverishment of the natural environment in urban areas, or perhaps because of it, many urban dwellers seek out interaction with nature in some form, for example by visiting a local green space, or feeding backyard bird.’ Our collection examines the way people interact with their urban environment on a mechanism in the urban environment and the elements of the city which people use and pass through every day, through exploring their visual elements in textural manipulation.

We have also explored the dynamic of the effect of the the urban environment primarily through the medium street art, and examining street art as a form of artistic and political self-expression. Our designs have taken these elements from the urban environment and translated them into print and silhouettes of our designs. We have also taken utilitarian elements from workwear and sportswear to create an edgy, urban appeal.

CREDIT TO: Models: @jesslieberman97 , @kimm.mueller, @stayup1993 Ali Hijazi, MUA TJ Jordan @tayliajordan.makeup, Hair by Kellie Broad, Photo by Bill Chen @billchenphoto, Pieces designed by me Zsofia Matrai @sophioia , Jane Chen @janechen0117, Alexandra Briscoe @alexandrabriscoe1 and Rebecca Beard.


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