Textile Print “Collage Valley”

“Collage Valley”

Design Concept:

The concept behind the prints comes from nature with the combination of illustrated artworks of faces and shapes.

The range captures an imaginary collage of the natural environment around us, while looking into the artistic side of the world. The collage helps us to recreate landscapes and forms with drawn lines and faces. Furthermore, there is a key element; the bird, who is a natural key character in the range as it is connecting the past with the dreamful future.

During the weeks I photographed mountains, hills, birds, water and landscapes that I used in my designs. I have drawn, painted illustrations, then used magazines to cut out pictures and create a bowerbird affect into the visual diary. Experimented colours, shapes and textures that helped to visualize more what I have imagined to be the base of my concept. Artworks have been created in Visual Diary that were scanned, then reedited to be rendered, coloured and vectorised. Photoshop and Illustrator were the tools to create the prints in my Portfolio.

The color palette reflects the winter/spring season with the idea of a cold mood in the atmosphere. (2016)


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