“Urban Nomad” Fashion Design Project

Do not judge by appearances” a rich heart may be under a poor coat ˝ -Scottish proverb

The Urban Nomad project was a first year project at Fashion Design Studio, Ultimo TAFE, Sydney where we had to create a look that reflects nomadic culture, but also contemporary urban cities. (2015)

My design approach started with looking at current Urban Nomads living in modern cities. First of all I looked at the textures on houses, the places where they live, focusing on images of building decay, evidence of power in time and nature.Then I went back to the traditional ancient nomad ages, when these nomads lived in nature and used natural fibers, yarns, fabrics to create clothes. Their choices and skills were limited due to lack of modern technology.According to the project brief, I decided to create Autumn/Winter outfits for the layering effects. I also started to think about an inspirational animal, the deer, which I thought could fit this theme.

Finally, relating to my theme and subject matter, I chose an earthy colour palette in the hope of untilizing as many natural fiber content fabrics as possible. For example, the pants and top are made of linen, and my coat incorporated the ideas of degeneration and regeneration, in that I bought a suitable jacket which I took apart and then re-patched together to form new silhouettes and panels. Nature has also inspired my textile manipulations. I made a small weaving loom, used plants, branches and other non-fashion materials to weave the wrist cuff for the coat. The overall feel of my design is to create a sense of savage beauty in the modern era and, adopting the bowerbird approach,  referencing the wilderness and historical nomads.


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