“Witchery” Fashion Design Project

Witchery’s Autumn/Winter 2017 Collection

Design Concept:

My ready-to wear design concept was based on the regular elegant woman (aged between 20-35 ) style with a bit of casual hint of the brand. The designs are consistent with the brand identity, as Witchery has been always using only one print in every collection with basic balanced colours. The shapes are similar, usually rounded, with one or two different fabrics within one piece of cloth. Very cheeky, feminine, tailored edges with minimalist accessories. The design inspiration came from the cold Winter season focusing on the elements, colours, and the textures of the cool weather giving a luxury feminine appearance. I choose white-grey-black -navy colours to give a bit of coorporate look to my design, with a hint of casual style by using sneekers as sporty accessories. (2016)

CAPSULE 1. In my first capsule I focused on the navy colour to lighten the colour scale with the hint of dark night blue using the strong details and elements of the brand’s unique style.

CAPSULE 2. For my second capsule I chose a marble digital print that gives an expensive look for a woman wearing the Witchery garments.


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